JUSTICE OF THE PEACE  WEDDING WIRE REVIEWS visit my wedding wire profile here: My husband and I were lucky enough to have Rosaria officiate our wedding on December 2nd, 2016. We were married at the Lenox Hotel and they recommended Rosaria - we are so glad that she did! Rosaria was incredibly responsive and kind right from the start. She met with us, asked about us, gave us some marriage tips, made us laugh and made me cry - in the first 30 minutes we spoke. Rosaria was great at giving us advice and ceremony options to choose from while also recognizing our personal story. A number of people came up to me after the ceremony to say it was the best they'd ever attended. While are ceremony was brief (as we wanted), Rosaria was engaging and witty and made our close family and friends feel like they were part of the ceremony with that, that they had a responsibility in supporting our happy marriage. I can't recommend Rosaria enough and we are thankful to have met her. My now husband and I only recently planned to get married and just randomly found Rosaria though the Justice of the Peace registry. She was professional, genuine, personable, and took the time to make our ceremony perfect. She even took some time before just jumping into our vows to make sure that we had thought this through. We could not have asked for anyone better to perform this event for us. I would highly recommend her to other people who are looking for someone to conduct such an important event in their lives. We absolutely loved Rosaria! She was professional, personal and extremely caring. She executed a beautiful ceremony and included all of the details just as we had asked. She was an absolute pleasure to work with and helped to complete our special day. Our experience with Rosario was impeccable. We contacted Rosario only 8 days before our wedding and she was very accommodating of our schedule. Before the ceremony, we got to know each other and she put what was about to happen in a richly human context, with anecdotes and fitting commentary. Rosario was also flexible with the ceremony itself, as my partner wished to read a text that was perfectly inserted within it. She managed the emotions that flowed with tenderness. The whole affair was not hurried, but not overdone either in any way. Overall, we were very happy, and the memories of this day will stay with us as a cherish treasure. We left impressed with Rosario's human quality.